Why You Should Adopt a Shelter Animal

Animal shelters and human societies are the right places to find your next mate. Let’s face it, Americans have a big problem of overcrowding in our animal shelters. An average of 10,000 babies is born every day in the USA, though 70,000 kittens and puppies are born, there is absolutely no option that we have adequate homes for all those animals. One more disturbing fact is that 55% of the animals that enter shelters will be sacrificed and will just get worse, horrible fact. There is a way to start eliminating these numbers and prevent more senseless animal deaths. Start looking for your dogs in animal shelters. Here I will refute some common myths about shelter dogs.

I Want a Purebred Dog and There Are None in the Shelters

Give or receive, approximately 25% of all dogs in shelters are purebred. Several people say, yes, but they are German Shepherds and Pit Bulls, even if that is right, they are great love breeds, yet it is not. Take a test, search the shelters and see how many Labs, Boxers, Pomeranian, Pointers whatever, and you’ll find what you’re seeking. If you are curious to know how to look for these dogs or if you think it is too long, try using these websites.

Petfinder.com, petharbor.com, and petango.com are excellent websites and most of the animal shelters publish their animals available on these sites, with Petfinder being the biggest. Simply enter your zip code and the desirable breed and a list of the dogs starting from the closest to you will be displayed and you will arrive as far as you prefer.

Shelter Dogs Have Behavior Problems

When dogs are in the animal shelter, they are under excessive amounts of stress. They are confused, alone, they feel abandoned and they are not sure what they did wrong. On the other hand, when you see a dog in the shelter, he will not be himself. If you are not sure, take him out for a walk, spend some time with him before adopting him or her and I guarantee it will be a totally different dog than the one you see in the cage when you walk. More details.

 Someone Will Come to Claim Him

Just about 15 to 30% of the dogs in the shelters recover each year where did the other 85 to 70% come from? Careless owners are not the fault of the dogs that are in the shelter but of the owners.

Somebody Else Will Come and Adopt Him

Perhaps, but only 15% of people get their dogs from animal shelters. The other 85% get theirs from friends, breeders or pet stores. All those who adopt their dogs from shelters, pet stores would have to close. The breeders would close the store and fewer animals would finish up in the shelter, which means that fewer animals would have to be slaughtered each year.

So, the next time you are ready for a dog, remember petfinder.com, petharbor.com, and petango.com and do a simple search of the breed you’re thinking about and just see what happens.