Why You Should Opt For Shelters Instead Of Breeders

Shelters are becoming more and more packed with animals every single day. If you visit your local shelter online, you’ll notice that they’re probably having issues intaking so many dogs. If you’re interested in getting a new dog, the best option for you would be to go for a shelter dog. Many people have misconceptions about shelter dogs, but it’s all about the way you think about training and the worthiness of that dogs life. If you’re interested in getting a new dog, even if you want to get a certain breed, keep reading for reasons why you should first check as many shelters as possible.

The first reason that you should adopt a shelter dog is that it’s less expensive. This is because breeders generally overcharge for their dogs. Not only that, but the medical bills for shelter dogs can generally be lower because of the amount of money that may go into medical issues that certain breeds may have. Certain breeds of dogs have a lot more medical issues because breeding the way that dog breeders do can cause a ton of issues for the dog. This goes through the generations, and it only gets worse with time. This is an excellent reason to think about getting a shelter dog, because not only will it be less expensive up front and in the future, but you’ll also not be supporting the over breeding of animals that will have medical problems in the future. Of course, not all breeds have medical issues, but many of the most popular dogs do, and this creates an atmosphere in the dog world that leads to animals dying faster and getting sick more often.

Another reason that you should get a shelter dog is because they’re awesome companions. Many people have the misconception that shelter dogs can not be trained. While it’s true that it may be a bit more difficult to train an older dog, it’s not impossible. All dogs require a degree of responsibility and awareness, and those just change when it comes to shelter dog. You may also notice that getting a senior dog is an excellent decision for a family. Senior dogs generally are more well behaved and are a great way to add a dog to your family. Puppies can be difficult to have with children, because you need to do a lot of one on one training with them.

Often times, you can get certain breeds at the shelter if you’re interested in getting a certain breed more than anything else. The least you could do would be to make sure that you check the shelters for the kind of dog you want. Because of the influx of people buying dogs and not being able to take care of them, shelters have dogs of many breeds. Even going for a dog that is half of the breed you want can be an excellent idea.  You’re also more likely to find a date when you have a dog, as studies have shown that women like men with dogs more. Find a great Brooks Brothers outfit and take off to your local park to meet another addition to your family.…